rikushomegirl7 (rikushomegirl7) wrote in stupid_rinoa,

where to put her dead body

well, i saw that MASTERPIECE where squall stabs rinoa and i have a suggestion of where he should put her body........ he should put her in the trunk of his crappy rusty pickup that he hasn't used in years and just let her rot there. Or he could bury her away from the other dead people so they dont have to suffer, too. like bury her in a secret place in his backyard so he can dance on Rinoa's grave whenever he feels like it. He could invite Quistis, too. lol :) yeah, i just had to get that outta my system. Dang i really wished she had actually died but it was only a dream. dammit. she's going straight to hell, that bitch. but im pretty sure even Hell doesn't want anything to do with her. lol

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