jujun (jujun) wrote in stupid_rinoa,

Rinoa fails.

Hey, I thought I'd join this community since I despise Rinoa with all my heart. I love Final Fantasy VIII a lot, had a great plot and everything but her being in it completely ruined it. She was too whiny, clingy, and she acted a lot like a slut in my eyes. Every time she'd talk to Squall she'd bend over as if trying to get Squall to look at her breasts; I mean wtf? I named her Whore and got shits and giggles outta that. The part that really pissed me off was when they were in D-District and went to save the others, Irvine was shooting down the bad guys to keep her safe and everything (whereas she did NOTHINGGGGG) and so he walked down the stairs all cool like (because he's the shit) and she kicks him down the stairs only to walk down the stairs like she did all the work. I wanted to kill her...Irvine should have shot her!!

Then saving her multiple times was soooo annoying. I mean its cute once but more than that its fucked up. I try playing and finishing the game but I just get so annoyed whenever parts where I have to be stuck with her come up. =/

Ah well thats my opinion, Rinoa should be shot if only she was for real. They definitely need to remake VIII and get rid of her completely.
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