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I can't stand her!

I'm new and if it was posible I would throw rinoa in the ocean all tied up in ropes!!! lol
I cant stand those kind of people!!! If she had a voice I bet it would be high pitched and very annoying. I feel horribly sorry for Squall...how can he live? They need to remake the FFVIII and replace her...she was the worst part!!! Now that I've got that out of my system (untill tomarrow),
I'm just happy to find somewhere were people agree with me on her!!!
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yay! another member! lol, welcome to the community. i`m happy to see there`s alot of people that hate her. yes!, making this community was worth it after all. haha.

♥ mod.
Yo! Glad to know I'm not the only hater. XD
(but hey... This is what this community is for.)

Who do you thin should take RinHoa's place? heh heh.
And yes... she was terrible...

And I felt sorry for Seifer, too... Poor guy. Got dumped like cold turkey just because she wants to be with Squall. *rolls eyes* Can we say FICKLE? --

You rock!!! And love your icon. lolz.
I always thought they should of replaced her with Quistis and then made some religous person take the place of her but to tell you the truth, I really haven't really thought about it.:D

I feel sorry for all of them. One day they would walk up to Squall just to talk and rinoa would be there butting into the conversation. And most likely hanging on Squall like theres no tomarrow.

But we all know that SquareEnix won't make another one and just go on with the series...making new stories...:(


December 6 2005, 11:03:25 UTC 11 years ago

Um she dumped Seifer way before she met Squall, Seifer was her childhood love, or are you stupid?....but she stayed friends with him.

I guess some people just don't play the game enough eh? Rinoa isn't the best character but don't hate her for made up/wrong reasons, sheesh!


June 23 2010, 15:13:12 UTC 7 years ago

Um, instead of fucking around with us "stupids" why dont you just go play the game and drool over the prissy princess then? U're so smart at it maybe you'll get masters degree on ffviii. I guess some people just play the game too much, eh? sheesh too.