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The ex-angel with broken wings.

This community is for Rinoa Haters! ^_^
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about the community

Welcome to stupid_rinoa, the first anti-Rinoa community made. This community was produced to bring all anti-Rinoa fans out there to share their opinions and what not about the whole "Rinoa bashing" topic. If you adore Rinoa, please go elsewhere because I hate confrontations and I would hate to see one start just because you feel were being absurd in any way for disliking Rinoa Heartilly from Final Fantasy VIII.


- You must hate Rinoa, that's the whole point. Why else would you be here in the first place?
- Use Lj-cut if you're placing long posts or huge amounts of pictures.
- Adult-content material must also be placed under Lj-cut with a readable warning.
- No Bashing other characters, unless it's Rinoa. After all this community is specifically dedicated to her =P.
- Be nice to the other members, and respect everyone's opinions.
- And last but not least, have fun and bash away XDD!


- squallxquistis "The Squall & Quistis community"
- seiferxquistis "The Seifer & Quistis community"

Want to be an affiliate? Email me. =)
*Note: Only Final Fantasy related...


Squall Leonhart Official Fanlisting Quistis Trepe Official Fanlisting Unrequited Love - The official fanlisting dedicated to Squall & Quistis


Squall & Rinoa Official Hatelisting

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This community is moderated by divine_angel143 & kahitsayawkikay